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Company founded in 2010 by professional engineer who with 15 years experinces in design, development and produce rubber mount.


Because the vibration of the generator set is very large, the shock absorber plays the role of reducing the vibration amplitude, avoid the damage caused by vibration to the unit, so the shock absorber plays a huge role in the operation of the diesel generator set; The advantages are simple installation, fixed with high strength bolts, it bears the pressure of the whole unit and some extrusion pressure, relatively speaking, it is also more fragile; In the use of fixed units, the problem is not big, but in the use of mobile units, will meet in the transportation, driving in the process of emergency braking, the huge inertial impact is easy to destroy the shock absorber, causing the unit may tip over and the car may overturn, causing serious consequences, Therefore, it is necessary to design a protective device to limit the protection of the weakest rubber shock absorber of the unit, which can minimize the occurrence of accidents and reduce losses.

Construction & Piling

Mining machinery is directly used in mineral mining and rich selection and other operations of machinery. Zhong Xiang Rubber large shock absorber can not only make mining machinery more stable in use, but also extend the service life of mining machinery. It has simple structure, good stability and shock absorption effect, reasonable design, safe and reliable


Shock absorbers are vulnerable parts in the process of vehicles use. The work of shock absorbers will directly affect the stability of the car and the life of other parts. Therefore, shock absorbers should always be in good working condition.


Agricultural equipment is used in a wide variety of applications and settings, ranging from small farming projects to large-scale industrial agricultural facilities. With the use of these tools comes the need for protective measures to minimize the impact caused by movements. Anti-vibration mounts for agricultural machinery help protect components from vibrations, shocks and excessive wear without sacrificing operational efficiency.


Zhong xiang rubber co has extensive experience and expertise in vibration isolation of Marine diesel engines diesel generator exhaust systems compressor pump deck house structures cabin assemblies and a range of Marine electrical and electronic equipment. Professional areas include the navy, military ships research vessels commercial Marine ships offshore oil facilities and yachts, flexible installation on Marine equipment, is the characteristics of the rubber series of products over the years.


The rubber mounts used on HVAC industry after strict aging test, this product is of good quality and high safety., good weather resistance; With special structure design, the height can be adjusted according to the actual need; Light and strong appearance, easy installation; Suitable for all kinds of mechanical shock absorbers.