Rubber Solution

Zhongxiang rubber an ISO9001 and IATF16949 certified manufacturer of high quality metal bonding rubber products which are using extensively in the Automotive Industry, Industrial Machinery , Marine and Railway Applications, and Agriculture Industry.

Cylindrical mounts

Cylindrical mounts are a low cost vibration isolation solution to suit all applications – and are available with Male, Female or a combination of threads in a wide range of sizes and load.

They are supplied as standard in Natural Rubber. However, we can also offer any of these in other Elastomer compounds for applications in more onerous environmental conditions.

  • Cylindrical mounts-buffer type DE seires
  • Cylindrical Mounts-Buffer Type VE Seires
  • Cylindrical Mounts-Male female Type VD Seires
  • Cylindrical Mounts-Female female Type DD Seires
  • Cylindrical mounts-Male male type VV seires