Our Precess

We commit to provide professional and most cost-effective vibration solution to more and more industries.

Research & Development

Zhong xiang Rubber R&D is the process of making new products or improving in some way. We provide full design and application support. Parts can either be selected from thousands of existing products or else a new bespoke solution can be designed to meet unique customer requirements.


Zhong xiang Rubber have a department dedicated to mold making. We offer a full suite of services such as design, engineering, molding and our ability to customize molds for each of our customers.

Raw Rubber

Zhong xiang Rubber raw rubber from rubber plantations around the world. Our partnership with these businesses ensures that we provide only the highest quality products to our customers.

Rubber mixing & formulation

In-house rubber compounding and exclusive formulations ensure that we are able to deliver the right rubber at the right price at the right time, delivering great service and consistent quality to our customers.

Metal Preparation

Preparing metals in a specific and controlled way is essential to achieve successful vulcanisation and bond integrity between rubber and metal interfaces. This is normally achieved as a combination of shot blasting and bonding agent application.


Vulcanized rubber advanced technology, another group of experienced professional and technical personnel carefully processing. Under tightly controlled conditions and machine parameters unique to each production batch, the vulcanisation of the rubber compound is achieved. This process also produces a strong bond between rubber and metal where applicable. The process is followed by a strictly adhered curing period which is crucial in achieving optimised performance and life of the rubber.


Products are inspected and cleaned following vulcanisation. Where necessary, parts may be subject to further machining, stress relieving or coating application for corrosion prevention.

vibration analysis

Finite Element Analysis can be used to ensure designs are ‘right first time’ thereby reducing the time required to bring new products to full production.

Test and Verification

Extensive test facilities allow Zhong xiang Rubber to perform test and verification procedures on components to confirm performance. Multi-axis dynamic testing can be used to simulate real world combined load cases. Lifetime and residual life tests can also be performed where required.


As a global supplier of rubber product, we will meet the needs of customers worldwide, with professional skills and sincere spirit of service and reasonable price, delivery on time.